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Yolo Briefs

West Sacramento insurance salesman convicted of fraud

Saturday – Grant Adam Lemeur, 32, pleaded no contest to charges of health insurance fraud, failure to have workers’ compensation insurance and failure to account for payroll taxes collected.

Yolo County District Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Unit began investigating Lemeur when they received a complaint from a Sacramento citizen.

The citizen complained that Dream Car Solutions, Lemeur’s auto detailing business, did not provide workers’ compensation insurance for an employee who broke his thumb on the job. The employee was pressured to file a health insurance claim using his own insurance instead of workers’ compensation insurance.

Lemeur was ordered to pay a fine of $10,808 to reimburse Kaiser Permanente for the medical care given to the employee and to repay the Employment Development Department for overdue payroll taxes.

Former CASA executive director sentenced for embezzlement

Claudeen Medlock was charged for the embezzlement of $46,000 and forging a Yolo County judge’s signature in October. She was sentenced on April 27 to three years and eight months in state prison.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a non-profit organization. Volunteers represent abused and neglected foster children in court.

Medlock was previously convicted for embezzling $13,000 from the California Musical Theatre.

San Jose man convicted of sexually assaulting UC Davis student

Hoang Cong Nguyen, a 26-year-old from San Jose, was convicted for attempted rape, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim was the then 18-year-old younger sister of Nguyen’s ex-girlfriend and a student at UC Davis.

On Saturday, Nguyen bought a 200K volt stun gun. While the victim did homework, Nguyen snuck up on her from behind and attempted to stun her. The victim grabbed a nearby kitchen knife and stabbed Nguyen three times in the leg.

The victim eventually feigned passing out but Nguyen continued with his assault. The victim escaped and the police were contacted.

“For her to be a sexual assault victim, she has resiliency,” said deputy district attorney Deanna Hays, prosecutor of the case. “She has fought back and has since been recuperating in San Jose. She will even be coming back to college this fall.”

On June 22, Nguyen will be sentenced. He faces seven years to life in prison.

Yolo district attorney enforcement officer awarded 2010 investigator of the year

The California hazardous materials investigators association gave the award to Heidi D’Agostino for her evidence that helped build a case against Target Corporation’s illegal disposal of hazardous material.

The case ended with a $22.5 million judgment from the state of California.

D’Agostino works for the Yolo County district attorney’s consumer fraud and environmental protection division and teaches about environmental issues.

She was voted enforcement officer of the year by her fellow colleagues.

Woodland parent sentenced for failure to pay child support

Jose Luna Jr., 43, was given 84 days in county jail and two years of probation for failing to pay court-ordered child support for his son.

According to the Contempt Trial, Luna also failed to show work search reports to the county. He was found guilty of 28 accounts of contempt and not guilty for two separate accounts of failing to pay child support.

He is currently serving 30 days, with 54 days in jail suspended unless probation is violated.

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