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Tech Tips

“Okay, class, make your bibliography in [insert confusing format].”

But, how do we find MLA, or APA, ASA, Chicago or Turabian style? Some formats put last name first and then first initial and others put the author’s full name. Some of them put the page numbers in bold, and some put the article title in bold, while others use no bold at all. It can all get very confusing.

What is it?

BibMe is a deus-ex-machina for students writing papers that require bibliographies or works-cited sections. Users simply enter the ISBN of any book, and BibMe automatically creates a citation in any format.

BibMe also allows users to cite magazines, newspapers, websites, journals, movies, interviews, lectures, encyclopedias and even photographs.

How does it work?

BibMe gives two options for generating citations. Users can either enter the title of whatever source they are citing and let BibMe automatically generate the citation. Or users can manually enter the required information such as author, pages, publisher etc., and BibMe will put it into the correct format.

A cherry on top

Not only will BibMe do all of this for you, it will also export your citations to a Word document so you can easily add them to your paper without awkward web-to-document copy pasting.

All of this, for free. Check it out at bibme.org.

– Hudson Lofchie



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