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Editorial: Bylaws should be followed

Sabrina Dias, Outreach Assembly speaker, has filed an ASUCD lawsuit against current ASUCD President Adam Thongsavat for improper hiring practices. She interviewed for City and County Affairs director but was not hired.

 ASUCD bylaws state that both the president and the outgoing director, or the next highest officer, must be present at interviews for the incoming director. While both officials were present for the two other candidates’ interviews, the two officials could not coordinate their schedules for Dias’ interview. Thus, Thongsavat was the only one present. Dias should have had the same interview process that the other candidates were given.

While both the president and the City and County Affairs official have busy schedules, they should have worked harder to find a time that worked for both of them.    

Bylaws are written for a reason and should be followed unless there is an extraordinary circumstance. It is important that the necessary officials are present at interviews, so that they can make the best and most informed decision for ASUCD.

Dias’ interviewing process was not the first time that ASUCD has broken hiring practice bylaws. At an April 21 senate meeting, senators discovered that some commissioners had been hired in an illegal interview setting, in which officials who were supposed to be on the hiring committee were not present at the interview.

ASUCD should strive to follow the bylaws that govern them, and should not ignore them whenever they please.

Thongsavat said he will not be attending the ASUCD court hearing and felt Dias may have filed the suit because she was bitter about not being hired. No matter her reason behind the lawsuit, Dias was correct in pointing out issues in the hiring process.

We see this as a good opportunity for ASUCD to review its bylaws and make sure all rules are followed.


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