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News in Brief: Selection of permanent city manager under way

Since September 2010, Paul Navazio has been the city of Davis’ interim city manager. The City of Davis City Council has since worked on recruiting a permanent city manager.

According to Kelly Stachowicz, deputy city manager of Davis, the city council is in the middle of the process of naming a permanent city manager.

“Additional steps and timeline may vary, depending on the candidates’ and council members’ schedules,” said Stachowicz in an e-mail. “But the original goal was to finalize a decision by this summer.”

A city manager’s duties are similar to that of the CEO of a company. All employees, except for the city attorney, are required to report to the city manager.

Likewise, the city manager is instructed to report to the city council, which can also be seen as similar to a company’s board of directors.

The recruiting firm that is being used to help with the process of hiring a city manager is Ralph Andersen & Associates.

Heather Renschler, search consultant for Ralph Andersen, calculated a timetable for the recruitment of a city manager. She updated it on March 23.

On March 29, Renschler presented the new schedule to the city council in a meeting.

At the moment, the city council is doing an initial review of resumes. The deadline for applications was April 29.

They will begin conducting Round 1 of in-person interviews mid-to-late May and Round 2 in late May, early June. After, there will be a review of candidate backgrounds. By mid-June, it is expected there will be negotiations and an offer to the candidate.

“It is not unusual for this process to take several months,” Stachowicz said. “We are working our way through the process.”

– Claire Tan


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