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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tech Tips

Apple surpassed Google as the most valuable company in the world. A Millward-Brown study reported that Apple made an 84 percent increase in brand value. Apple is now worth $153 billion; meanwhile, the now second-place Google is worth $111 billion.

Netflix reached an agreement with Miramax to make hundreds of films available to U.S. viewers as early as June. This multi-year agreement will allow Netflix subscribers to see favorites like Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare in Love for the first time via a digital distribution service.

Google has introduced its Music Beta – a cloud music player that allows users with Android devices to store their music and listen to it anywhere. The service also lets the user play recently played music while offline, along with allowing the user to select specific albums or artists to have available even when not connected to the internet.

Sony began the restoration of its Playstation Network services. The restoration marks the end of a nearly month-long shutdown of the service due to a hacker attack.

??- Eric C. Lipsky


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