66.5 F

Davis, California

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Police Briefs


Rolling in the green

Females in a gold Mercedes were smoking from pipes on Parkside Drive.

Traveling foul

A male entered the store and ran out with a basket of groceries on G Street.


Phone is where the heart is

A male was clutching his chest while yelling on the phone on Second and K Street.


There were subjects trying to get into a party that were not on the guest list on Second Street.



A lockable cash box was found on someone’s front lawn with 30 cents in it on El Cajon Avenue.

Anger management

Someone’s bicycle was tampered with and pool furniture was thrown into the pool and onto cars in a complex on Cranbrook Court.

Police briefs are compiled by BECKY PETERSON and ANGELA SWARTZ from the city of Davis daily crime bulletins. Think you can do better? Contact BECKY PETERSON at city@theaggie.org.