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Ask EPPC: Green travel


Headline: Ask EPPC

Editor’s note: The Environmental Planning and Policy Commission (EPPC) is an ASUCD commission that works to create a more environmentally sustainable campus.

How should we travel green in the summer?

Here at EPPC, we encourage you to have an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly summer travel plan. There are many ways to make your summer vacation achieve that goal.? “Ask EPPC” mentioned previously that it is more environmentally friendly to drive rather than fly to your destination. But if air travel is necessary, it is best to book airlines which recycle the waste created when serving food and beverages to passengers. Some green travel companies even purchase green power certificates or plant trees to offset the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. British Airways, for instance, has a very strong environmental agenda. Southwest Airlines recycles all cabin wastes and was the first to offer the increasingly popular electronic ticketing option.? While staying in hotels, turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room. Bring your own shampoo, leaving those wasteful little bottles unopened. When using soaps, keep the bar soap wrappers to take the partially used soap home. If the hotel room can be checked-out electronically, you can save trees by filling out the forms online instead.? While on vacation, if you don’t have a digital camera, buy rolls of film with 36 shots rather than those with 12. Packaging waste is reduced, and it’s cheaper.? When you reach your destination, take walking tours or public transportation rather than renting a car. In many cities you can rent bicycles as a healthy, fun and environmentally sound method of sightseeing the sites.? Hope you will have a green and happy summer vacation!

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