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Library to install more power outlets in Main Reading Room

Senator Andre Lee and Vice President Bree Rombi have created a bill that will allow Shields Library to install more power outlets for students.

After a full vote from the senate last Thursday, the project will begin this summer and will be ready for the fall of 2011.

“The bill we wrote was for the purchase of 30 outlet strips which are for the 30 tables in the Main Reading Room,” Rombi said. “Each outlet strip has 6 plugs on it, which means that each person sitting at a table will be able to plug in one device of their choice.”

The Main Reading Room is currently the largest single study space on campus and will be the only place to receive more outlets for the project.

“Andre and Bree have been amazing throughout the whole process,” said Helen Henry, associate university librarian for administrative services and technology. “The library is a place where students should feel good about studying and right now with the limited outlet space, we have students moving tables instead of staying in one place; this is something we want to change.”

Over the past four years the library has received many complaints and suggestions through the suggestion box to replace the old outlets in the Main Reading Room.

“These days almost every student has a laptop or some type of tech item. With tables that seat six people, there is usually only one open outlet. This has to change if we don’t want students running around the library to find a new study spot,” Lee said.

The project is important to all of those involved because it is about putting the students first. The library has been waiting to install new outlets but couldn’t move forward until they checked for full capacity to add the outlets.

“This is a really straightforward project that just needed time and money to complete. It’s easy because without more outlets students during crunch time for midterms and finals can’t get their laptops charged when they are trying to study in the facility,” Lee said.

ASUCD has passed a bill to pay for the material costs, which will be approximately $4,000. The library will be paying for the labor costs, which will be about $3,000. ASUCD is also currently talking with Fred Wood and Student Affairs to secure additional funding that will help defray the cost.

Lee is excited to see his project finished and feels that it will help students.

“This project is about convenience and taking away stress. College students will now be able to sit down and get their work done for hours at a time like they are supposed to,” Lee said.

RACHEL LEVY can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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