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Campus Judicial Report

Closed-note exam

A sophomore was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for suspected use of unauthorized materials on a math exam, after she was observed to have a note sheet under her chair that was visible while she took the test. After the midterm, the student was confronted by proctors and initially denied misconduct, but subsequently handed over the notes. Upon meeting with a judicial officer, the student stated that she had put the notes under her chair after studying them before the exam started, and had not used the sheet after the start of the test. Although the student was believed to have not used the notes, having notes out and/or visible is still a violation of campus policy, due to the distraction it may cause other students and the questions it raises about the integrity of the exam. The student therefore agreed to a Censure, meaning the student is given a formal reprimand and warning, and in the future could face more severe sanctions for any further violations.

What’s my name again?

A student was referred to SJA due to suspicions that she had taken an exam for another student. Specifically, the instructor noted that the handwriting on a test appeared to be that of the referred student instead of the student whose name was on the test. Upon meeting with a judicial officer, the student admitted to the misconduct, stating that her friend had not been feeling well so she had agreed to take the test for her. The student agreed to be placed on disciplinary probation status and to do community service.

Stressed out student

A student was referred to SJA for disrupting class on multiple occasions. The student had loud outbursts in class that were inappropriate, disruptive and alarming to other students. When the student met with a judicial officer, it was apparent to the latter that the student was struggling with some mental health issues and was extremely stressed. After meeting with a judicial officer, the student agreed to withdraw from the university until she is better able to cope with the stress of being a college student.

Campus Judicial Reports are compiled by members of STUDENT JUDICIAL AFFAIRS.


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