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CD review: Lady Gaga

Artist: Lady Gaga

Album: Born This Way

Label: Interscope Records

Rating: 4

Ever since Lady Gaga boldly tweeted months ago that her upcoming record was going to be “the album of the decade,” her “little monsters” have been hotly anticipating its release, while some critics have been hoping they can tear it, and Gaga, apart.

There’s a lot to love on Born This Way, and they’re the moments in which Gaga truly taps into the creativity that has made her an international sensation since she released the relatively tame “Just Dance” back in 2008. The hauntingly-slow dance track “Bloody Mary” doesn’t sound like anything Gaga, or anyone recently, has released, and the country-sounding “You and I” is an awesome power ballad that differs from every beat-induced song on the album.

It’s when Gaga tries to throwback to 80’s power pop that her album feels weak. Songs like “Hair” and “Born This Way” sound more like rejects from an old Madonna album than true Gaga originals. Of course they’re still fun dance tracks, and “Bad Kids” is exceptionally fun, but it’s a testament to Gaga’s talent that we expect more from her than just a song we can dance to. Her strength has always been combining new beats with subtle social commentary or emotional and intelligent lyrics. Born This Way is definitely a lot of fun, and both the standout tracks and the forgettable cheesy ones are sure to make you “put your paws up” and dance.

Give these tracks a listen: “Marry the Night,” “Bloody Mary,” “You and I”

For Fans of: Madonna, Britney Spears and Robyn

– Anneta Konstantinides


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