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Tech Tips

Do you cringe every time you have to pay $0.99 for a song on iTunes?

Even a minimal iTunes library with a 1,000 songs would set you back by about $1,000. Without an mp3 player, you can’t take this music everywhere with you either.

Spotify is the perfect solution.

It streams music to your phone or computer at any time from a library of about 15 million tracks, thousands of artists and various genres.

With a free basic service users can browse this plethora of music and create playlists and even libraries free of charge. For $5 a month, the application also provides the option of wireless syncing to your phone, and unlimited streaming.

This means users can take their Spotify music with them even without a data plan. The trick is to connect a smartphone to the same wireless router as the app.

The app also scans the users’ computer for music making it all available in one place with the Spotify music.

Users can do a direct search for music and a double click is all that’s needed for fast streaming. Users can also share their Spotify playlists with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Spotify launched service in the United States on July 14 and by mid-August it had 175,000 paying members.

The app works with mobile devices running iPhone OS, Android, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

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