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Tech Tips

NASA states that naps of just 26 minutes can improve performance up to 34 percent. Want to invest in academic productivity? Here are some tools to help:

Lights Out Contoured Sleep Mask – As a specially designed eye mask, it is shaped to fit over the eye and nose area to block out most light. Its molded eye area also allows for free eye movement, which is helpful if your nap falls into REM sleep. These masks can be found on Amazon starting from $8.

Pzizz Energizer – Here’s a phone app that allows you to customize a unique, meditative track to fall asleep to. The program features different words, binaural beats, music and other sound effects. An algorithm in the app produces a different soundtrack for you every time. It is available on Androids and iPhones for $5.99; a lighter version is available for $1.99.

Clocky – If your problem isn’t falling asleep but waking up from your snooze, an alarm clock that rolls away may be your solution. The fast-moving Clocky will roll off your nightstand and won’t stop beeping until you catch it to turn it off. Developed by an MIT graduate student, this alarm sells for $39 at the Nanda Home online store.

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