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City News Summer Digest

Borders Books liquidates

Aug. 1 –
Downtown Davis’ Borders Books, Music, Cafe began liquidating its inventory after the national chain announced it was going out of business in July. The store has since closed.

– Originally reported by Becky Peterson

Investigation shows Picnic Day death resulted from neck injury

Aug. 1 – The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office did not press criminal charges against the friend who delivered a fatal punch to 22-year-old Scott Heinig, graduate of Davis Senior High School and a UC Davis baseball player. This summer, his death was classified as homicide – death by human hands – after a joint investigation by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office and Davis Police Department.

– Originally reported by Angela Swartz

City proposes new downtown parking structure

Aug. 1 – The Davis City Council approved of continuing discussion about building a five-story parking garage downtown on Third, Fourth, E and F Streets. Those against the project said it was unnecessary and stated that what separates Davis from other cities is bike friendliness and alternative transportation.

– Originally reported by Ellis Clark

Housing group works on reopening Domes

Aug. 8 – The UC Davis Baggins End cooperative housing closed on July 31, but the local Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) began negotiations with the university to lease the property and reopen the Domes later in the school year.

– Originally reported by Angela Swartz

Bill could fine bikers for cell phone use

Aug. 22 – The state Senate passed SB 28, which would increase the fines for drivers and motorists using handheld cell phones or texting while driving from $20 to $50 on the first offense and $50 to $100 on subsequent offenses. The bill also penalizes bikers who are texting or talking on the phone while bicycling, with $20 for the first violation and $50 on those following. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bill on Sept. 7.

– Originally reported by Claire Tan

Water rate hikes concern community

Aug. 22 – The Davis City Council continued discussion on a project that would bring surface water from the Sacramento River to Davis in order to comply with state and water quality regulations. Water rates could increase incrementally over a five-year period, causing worries among residents and business owners. With the proposed plan, rates could nearly triple between now and 2016.

– Originally reported by Ellis Clark

CITY NEWS SUMMER DIGEST was compiled by ANGELA SWARTZ. She can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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