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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Editorial: The Aggie

If you want a one-stop place to learn about the doings of our student government (ASUCD), UC Davis administration, Aggie athletics, the Davis arts scene, the latest technology tips or an excuse to not pay attention in your first lecture of the quarter, The Aggie is here for you.

The California Aggie is the largest newspaper by circulation in Yolo County. We print 8,000 issues Monday through Wednesday and 11,000 on Thursday. Our website, theaggie.org is viewed by over 12,000 people a month.

Aside from ASUCD letting us use our facilities in Lower Freeborn rent free, we are completely independent. We don’t receive any direct funding from the student government or administration. All our revenue is generated from advertisements.

Because of this, we have the ability to act as a watchdog of ASUCD and Mrak Hall. We feel it is our responsibility to report on everything UC Davis for the benefit of the students with journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting.

Sometimes the news we report and editorials we publish might not be pleasant. That’s okay. If something we publish lights a fire, send us your opinion on the matter. We always encourage letters to the editor.

But we’re also here to entertain. Not everything in our paper has to be Woodward and Bernstein journalism. We like to have fun, and you see that in our features, arts, sports and science stories.

Along with our excellent journalism, our game page is one of the most viewed in the paper. Here’s a game everyone can play while bored in a large lecture hall: count the number of people doing The Aggie’s sudoku.

We’re also here to be a voice for the community. We want to hear what you have to say. Have an idea for a story? Let us know. Want to work for The Aggie? Stop by our offices at 25 Lower Freeborn from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday or send an e-mail to managing@theaggie.org.

The California Aggie is not just the 100 employees that obsess over apostrophes and in a dusty basement – we’re a thriving community of 30,000 strong.


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