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Tech Tips

I went through a phase during my first year at UC Davis where I absolutely fell in love with photography. My dad had just bought a Canon Rebel XSi, a wonderful digital SLR camera, and I had just started using Tumblr, home to some of the most talented photographers on the internet.

Unfortunately, I was a horrible photographer.

Eventually, I gave up the picture taking and moved on to some other artsy phase. However, when Instagram came out for the iPhone, I was intrigued and soon enough desperately wanted it.

I immediately searched my Android App market for the app with no luck. No other substitute even came close – until I found Vignette.

The app is easily the best photography app in the Android app market if you are looking for that vintage film effect for your pictures. The demo alone gives you access to over eighty effects – Polaroid, toy camera, vintage, cinematic and several others.

The app also allows you to choose from several different types of frames ranging from an artsy film effect to a tiny 4’x 6′ snapshot. The picture is saved to your phone’s picture gallery, where it can be shared easily via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and picture mail.

The app supports the full resolution of the phone’s camera and also provides self-timer and digital zoom features.

The app requires Android 1.5 or up. The full version of the app costs $3.84, but a demo version that allows access to most features is also available for free.

SASHA SHARMA can be reached at science@theaggie.org.


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