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Global phenomenon DJ Tiesto hits UC Davis

Being a college student in 2011 at UC Davis means two things: 1) you’ve probably listened to or are at least aware of electronic music and 2) you know that Tiesto is coming to perform at the Pavilion on Tuesday.

Tijs Verwest, better known as Tiesto, has always been an audiophile, collecting and breaking down musical genres. It was not until he took on the alter ego, that he truly became a musical artist who blended those genres and qualities into something really unique.

Today, DJ Tiesto is one of the most famous producers and DJs on the planet; bringing millions of fans across the world intricate and intense sets that evoke emotion, reaction, and devotion from them.

Recently Tiesto completed his world tour, “Kaleidoscope”, which spanned over six continents over 15 months. Of course, the set designs for the concert were incredible, offering fans a show that lived up to its name.

Now that the tour is complete, DJ Tiesto has shifted his focus to his number one fanbase, young adults ages 18 to 25. Students can take advantage of this amazing opportunity next week, when DJ Tiesto will perform with Porter Robinson.

When asked to discuss his musical career for The Aggie, Tiesto opened up and answered students’ most burning questions.

Yousef Mousini, senior anthropology major, asks: What is your all-time favorite track that you’ve made, and why?

Tiesto: They’re all amazing to me, that’s like asking a father which of his children he loves the most. I love them all equally!

Jeremy Ogul, senior political science major, asks: As an artist who can sell out an arena, how do you feel about the proliferation of electronic music artists who are armed with little more than a MacBook and a SoundCloud account yet still get tons of attention and notoriety?It’s great for electronic music and is a huge part of why electronic music is booming the way it is. It gives artists who in the past wouldn’t have been heard the chance to get amazing exposure and bring great music to the table for everyone.

Vince Vu, senior English major, asks: How does it feel to see electronic and house music becoming so mainstream?The more ways that people can hear this genre of music the better! I’m hugely passionate about it and I want as many people to share this passion as possible.Daniel Jordan, 2011 dramatic arts alumnus, asks: You have collaborated with big artists like Tegan and Sara and Three 6 Mafia – usually who initiates these collaborations? Also, who, dead or alive, would you want to collaborate with in the future?It can be initiated from either side; it just has to make sense for both me and the other artist before we decide we’re going to collaborate together. I would love to get in the studio with Arcade Fire; I think we could produce something really special.Gloria Ramirez, senior art studio major, asks: Have you taken a break from DJing/performing and been part of a crowd recently? If so, which show or concert was that?I try to take some time when I’m in Ibiza to go to clubs other than Privilege and see the other DJ shows. I love doing that, its great to get even closer to the crowds.

The only remaining tickets for Club Life College Invasion are $40 for upper level seating, $5 discount with a valid UC Davis ID.

BRITTANY PEARLMAN can be reached at arts@theaggie.org.


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