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Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Textbook awareness brought to Quad

There were two giant textbooks walking around in the Quad on Monday.

In an effort to draw attention to rising textbook prices, CalPIRG organized an event on campus to gather students to petition for lower textbook prices. Students were able to sign the “Textbook Rebellion Petition” in order to make their feelings known.

“CalPIRG is working really hard to increase awareness of cheaper textbook options – primarily textbook rentals, which we helped start up at the bookstore – and also open textbooks, textbooks that are free online,” said Rikki Seguin, UC Davis CalPIRG campus organizer.

California Senator Dean Florez attended the event, which was covered by local news.

CalPIRG will be e-mailing professors and administrators to make them aware of the cheaper textbook options available for schools across the country.

– Hannah Strumwasser


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