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Review: Slow Club

Artist: Slow Club

Album: Paradise

Label: Moshi Moshi

Rating: 4

Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson of Slow Club make magic on their sophomore album aptly titled Paradise.

The indie-pop band from Sheffield, England seems to have grown up; while their first album Yeah So, was a romantic indie folk delight, Paradise takes on a deeper, darker tone.

Rebecca’s playful voice lends the straightforward but poignant lyrics a wistful tone. Watson’s role as guitar player and accompanying vocalist seems to fit him well.

The hit single from the album, “Two Cousins”, seems like a meandering road as it follows two estranged cousins. Taylor’s girlish voice makes the theme of separation and lost relationships evocative and starkly ironic. The song’s heart wrenching chorus, “Hold on/To where you’re from/It’s where your heart goes/When you’re done” evokes a longing for home.

The lyrics are simple and direct – effective in their honesty.

The band’s shift in tone from cute love ballads to more serious themes indicates a progression into musical adolescence – a higher rung on a very tall ladder.

Give these tracks a listen: “Two Cousins”

For Fans Of: Beach House, Passion Pit, The Department of Eagles and Devendra Banhart.

– Sasha Sharma


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