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Humans need oxygen. When the weather is warm we can leave our windows open and get all the oxygen we could ever want, but when the weather turns chilly, we close the windows and cut off our unlimited supply.

When we do not have suitable oxygen levels, our brain functions decrease noticeably. Researchers at NASA have been trying to figure out an efficient way to keep the International Space Station adequately oxygenated and discovered that just a few simple houseplants can make a significant difference.

By adding just three medium-sized plants to a room, you can keep oxygen levels high, and your brain working at its best.

The most beneficial plants are the Areca Palm, which removes large amounts of CO2 and releases a proportionately large amount of oxygen; the Snake Plant, which produces oxygen during the night; and the Peace Lily, which removes acetone, formaldehyde and ammonia from the air. The Peace Lily even flowers if you take care of it.

Combining these three plants can keep the air in your house or apartment fresh and healthy.

HUDSON LOFCHIE can be reached at science@theaggie.org.


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