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Halloween and senior flings

Dear Gabby,

I’m not sure what to do for the Halloween weekend. I’ve heard rumors about the block parties and Radcliffe being really toned down or a straight-up no-go this year and I’ve never been in Davis for Halloween.  Are they worth checking out?  Any alternatives you might suggest?

– Joeyboi

Dear Joeyboi,

Halloween is decidedly the most anticipated holiday (for college students) of the year for several reasons. The main reason is, of course, being able to disguise yourself as literally anything and getting away with it. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most unanticipated holidays of the year for the Davis Police Department and neighbors who don’t appreciate their streets being covered in red plastic cups. Because things can reach whole new levels of chaotic on this night, police officers are ready to roll a party at the drop of a mask. So if you want to go to a party, get there before the cops do.

The opinions about Radcliff Drive change from person to person – some say it’s awesome and some say it’s a waste of time. I say if you’ve never done it before you should check it out at least once and come to your own conclusions. It is, after all, a Davis tradition, and chances are you’ll only be there for 20 minutes before the cops make an appearance, anyway. Personally, I like going because you run into people you didn’t expect to see, some of the costumes are hilarious, some are gross and creepy and after hanging out there for a bit, I leave and hit up the next party. If you have the luxury of being 21+ then you can scope out the bars downtown. A couple of reminders I’ll leave you with: Don’t walk around outside with an open container (especially if you’re not 21 yet) because a cop will stop you and a $300 ticket will suck. Forget the “plan” of going to 10 different places and instead just go with the flow – it’s Halloween, not a guided tour of the town. Finally, go to the costume store now. Before you know it the 29th rolls around and you’ll find yourself scrounging for the scraps. If all of the above doesn’t suit your liking, you can always buy a plastic hollow pumpkin and go trick-or-treating!

Dear Gabby,

I will be graduating this June and most likely leaving Davis forever. I’ve been on a few dates with a really cute, smart guy and I think there might be potential. I don’t want to get too involved and attached, but I also don’t want to keep things between us super casual. What should I do?

-Broken up or Broken Hearted

Dear Broken up or Broken Hearted,

I say go for it! It’s your senior year, graduation is right around the corner, the real world is anticipating your arrival and the possibility of a little romance lingers. If you are emotionally strong and can stay relatively detached from someone, or if you’re somehow immune to heartache, then you should release your inhibitions and have fun. Don’t ruin possible romance with, “What if things don’t work out,” “I’m moving back home in the summer” and “I don’t want to fall in love right now” because one, it’s a clichéd cop-out, and two, falling in and out of love is part of life. It’s part of the real world and in eight months you will be thrown gently tossed into that world. Don’t go into a relationship with high expectations. Enjoy the Yoloberry dates, Arboretum picnics, Farmers Market outings and the study (a.k.a make-out) sessions. I can’t say that you and this guy will live happily ever after, but I can say that waking up in someone’s arms on a cold winter morning before the alarm clock goes off is way better than waking up cold and late for class. Davis has seen some pretty cold winters so maybe this smart cutie showed up just in time. Try not to think about problems that don’t exist. Whether you choose to give this a shot or choose to go your separate ways before things get intense, enjoy your senior year and finish your undergraduate career with a bang! You’ll make the right choice; you’re a smart Aggie.

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