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Campus Judicial Reports

Part-time forger

Forgery of an enrollment verification form led to the referral of a student by the Registrar’s Office to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA). The student had forged a letter claiming that he was a full-time enrolled student at UC Davis for Fall quarter when, in fact, he was only a part-time student. The Registrar’s Office was alerted to this when the recipient of the forged letter contacted them to get some follow up information. In a meeting with a judicial officer, the student confessed to having forged the letter and agreed to the sanction of Deferred Separation. Deferred Separation means that the student agrees to give up his right to a formal hearing if he is again referred to SJA for misconduct. If the student is found “in violation” of misconduct after an informal hearing with a judicial officer, he will most likely be suspended or dismissed from the university.

Can you hear me now?

A senior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs for having obtained an unfair advantage on a chemistry exam. It was reported by the instructor that the student had continued to work on her exam even after several verbal warnings had been issued for students to stop writing and turn in their tests. The student later stated that she had not heard the verbal warnings and did not realize that the exam proctors had signaled the end of the exam. The student was placed on Disciplinary Probation until graduation and was required to complete a specified number of community service hours. Disciplinary Probation means that if the student is found in violation of any further misconduct during the probationary period, the student would likely be suspended or dismissed from the university. 

Parking pass faux-pas

The campus’s Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) referred an upperclassman to Student Judicial Affairs for using an altered expired parking permit in order to park for free at the Activities and Recreational Center. The student was alleged to have altered the expiration date on the parking permit. When the student met with a judicial officer, she claimed that a friend lent the parking permit to her and that she had overlooked the expiration date. However, in a subsequent meeting she admitted to having altered the permit. The student was placed on Deferred Separation and all of her TAPS privileges (such as parking permits) were taken away.

Campus Judicial Reports are compiled by members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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