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Letter to the Editor: Response to “180”

Tuesday Oct. 26, 2011, a group of individuals distributed DVDs entitled “180” on the UC Davis campus. The content of the film was both triggering for many in our communities and also deceitfully hidden. Our response to “180” is multi-faceted and we want to share both our support for the community and share our critique.

Firstly, the distribution of the films was deceitful, and we find their methods problematic. We are disappointed that many students were misled about the film’s content. Secondly, the comparison of abortion to the Holocaust is not merited and the use of the Holocaust as a metaphor is offensive, insensitive and triggering. Thirdly, the use of the word “choice” both in reference to a person’s choice about the outcome of their pregnancy and to Hitler’s “choice” to commit atrocities during WWII is not comparable.

We stand in solidarity with students identifying as Jewish, Queer, People of Color, Women, Transgender, Romani, and folks with disabilities for whom this film invokes histories of oppression, genocide and erasure. We wish to express our anger that students were unable to make informed decisions about seeing the film and were left without support while watching it.

The following list offers resources for students who may have been triggered by the film or who are looking for accurate information about pregnancy, abortion and adoption. Please stop by the Women’s Resources & Research Center if you are looking for additional support, information or want to talk about your experience.

Women’s Resources & Research Center: (530) 752-0222

Hillel House: (530) 756-3708

Backline-pregnancy, parenting, abortion, adoption talkline: (888) 493-0092

Exhale-after-abortion counseling talk line: (866) 4-EXHALE

Planned parenthood-Woodland: (530) 662-4646


Daniella Moses and Jessie Quinn

Interns at the Women’s Resources and Research Center


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