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Ask Katehi

What were your preconceptions about UC Davis, and how has that changed since you got here?

When I was first considering the job of chancellor, I spoke with many colleagues around the country who told me that UC Davis was a university with a great past and an even greater future. Of course, I knew it was a premier institution. And when I arrived here in August of 2009, I anticipated the strength and the quality of this university, as well as its potential.

As I begin my third academic year here, I believe that the potential for UC Davis is even greater than I thought it was in the beginning.  Our outstanding faculty, students and staff thrive in a uniquely collaborative environment that encourages a spirit of innovation. That has not only been a pleasant surprise, but also a source of great excitement.

When I first arrived, I was concerned about a number of acts of intolerance that occurred on a campus historically known for its civility. But we responded quickly and the community has enthusiastically embraced our hate-free campus initiative and our efforts to encourage a more inclusive campus.  Last week’s very successful Civility Project is a good example of that.

Another source of deep satisfaction is the tremendous amount of support our university receives from the city of Davis and other neighboring communities. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with the community is essential for any institution to be able to progress and move forward. At UC Davis, we are a close-knit community and we have a shared vision of where we want to go. I am delighted to see that these relationships are in place here and I look forward to achieving excellence as we continue to work together. I am enjoying the job of chancellor; serving this campus and this community provides a great deal of satisfaction – more so than I’d ever imagined.

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