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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Editorial: Inside voices, please

On Oct. 27, a group of over 75 protesters entered the UC Davis Shields Library, carrying signs and chanting as they marched through the building.

We support their goal of publicly opposing UC fee hikes but interrupting students’ studies is not the way to create such a change.

Midterm season is upon us and students are stressed out. The students studying in the library are trying to get the most out of their ridiculously expensive education. Protesters should not be disrupting the very people for whom they are protesting.

Protesters should instead focus on disrupting those who do not agree with them, or those who can really make a difference in the cost of tuition.

Marching on the Capitol, only a 20 minute drive away, would be much more effective. Legislators are more likely to respond to protesters at their front door than the more common scene of demonstrators on a college campus.

Protesters also walked through Olson, Hart and Wellman Hall. The disruptions caused students and professors to come out of their classrooms, some even yelling at the protesters to be quiet. By disrupting students who are trying to learn, protesters are losing both the respect and the support of those who could be helping them.

While protesting is essential, especially when the possibility of astonishingly high fee hikes loom, protesters should be respectful to those who are trying to learn.

Instead of disrupting Wellman, protesters should walk to Mrak Hall to show Chancellor Katehi how they feel. Protesters should consider attending the UC Regents meeting this month, where they could have a chance to speak to the decision makers face to face. Finally, protesters should strive to educate students on the importance of raising our voices — just not in the library.


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