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Editorial: Senate Endorsements

This week, students will elect another round of senators to represent them on the ASUCD senate table. Voting began today at 8 a.m. and will end this Thursday at 8 a.m.

Voters will rank candidates in order of preference through ASUCD’s rank-choice voting system. If a student’s first-choice candidate either wins with extra votes or fails to meet a minimum vote standard, that vote goes toward the voter’s next choice candidate.

This quarter, only seven students ran for six spots. The Aggie interviewed all seven candidates, and picked the candidates that we felt would do the best job.

No.1— Jared Crisologo-Smith: Crisologo-Smith has a good knowledge of ASUCD, and he was passionate about  his platforms to increase power outlets and create a fundraising resource guide. His  simple, realistic platforms that would help the general student population.

Despite the fact he would graduate before his term is up, he said he would stay on the table after he graduates to finish out his term. He would be an accessible, effective senator.

No. 2 — Charlie Colato: Colato was chair of Picnic Day last year and had good ideas about how to improve ASUCD. His platforms to increase campus safety and  sustainability seem very student-oriented and beneficial.

While Colato was very focused  on Picnic Day, he is levelheaded and  would do a good job spreading his expertise to other areas of ASUCD.

No. 3 — Patrick Sheehan: Sheehan, who has interned for Senator Andre Lee  and served on the External Affairs Commission, has a strong grasp of how ASUCD works. His platform of reducing bike theft is admirable, and would help students in a direct way.

Despite the fact that his other platform — changing GE requirement grading options — seems unrealistic, Sheehan’s knowledge about ASUCD and hold within the association would make him  a positive addition to ASUCD.

No. 4 — Yara Zokaie: Zokaie has experience in a vast array of organizations and clubs on campus, such as being a tour guide and a T.A. for the Women’s Self-Defense course. Even though her platforms appear to be far-fetched,  she seems to have a good grasp of how to get projects done.

While Zokaie’s  lack of ASUCD experience could be problematic, she could also bring a fresh perspective to the table.

No. 5 — Justin Goss: Goss, the only independent running, has grand but commendable goals to lobby for lower UC fees and smart lighting on campus. His idea to collaborate with other UC campuses would make him an asset to the table.

While Goss has almost no ASUCD experience, his new ideas would be both helpful to the students and the table.


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