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Tech tips

College unfortunately costs a great deal of money — to attend, live, play, eat, party. As with any long list, priorities and disarray abound at the thought of paying expenses. Fortunately for students and adults alike, Mint.com can make this job easier by managing, tracking and budgeting users’ personal finances. In this secure, accurate forum, one does not need spreadsheets or financial advisors; Mint gets the job done in a manner our generation is trending towards — neatly.

The platform is simple: create a Mint account, enter your financial information, and quickly see all your balances and transactions together in one place. No more logging in to different checking, savings and investment accounts; no more Excel e-mail attachments to parents back home; no more calendar reminders and certainly no more fretting about the state of your money affairs. We can finally get the entire picture with Mint and not have to worry about piecing it together.

My favorite feature (besides being a free service and sending text reminders) is the helpful graphs. Spending is broken up into categories based on when and what was spent. Net worth, income and account balances are tracked as well, making it easy to understand financial patterns. There is even the option to track spending against personal goals, which can then be contrasted with the graph that compares spending against national average. Already done for you, Mint’s financial analysis beats the arduous work that is Excel any given day.

Your life will greatly benefit from financial streamlining.

CHELSEA MEHRA can be reached at science@theaggie.org.


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