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Campus Judicial Report

Stress stealing

A senior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) after a bookstore employee caught her trying to steal a textbook. During her meeting with a judicial officer, the student admitted that she had tried to steal the textbook — not because she didn’t have the money, but as a result of being under a great deal of stress. The student agreed to be placed on Deferred Separation status until her graduation from UC Davis. Deferred Separation means that the student agrees to waive her right to a formal hearing if she receives a future referral to Judicial Affairs, and if she is found in violation after an informal hearing, she would likely be suspended or dismissed from the university. In addition, the student agreed to complete a specified number of community service hours and to meet with a CAPS counselor concerning her stress.

Wanna share?

A biological science major was asked to meet with a Judicial Officer due to suspected unauthorized collaboration on a take home quiz. The student admitted that she had given her friend her quiz to take a look at, but said that she thought her friend just wanted to get a general idea of how to answer the questions. She claimed that she was not aware that her friend intended to copy her answers. Since she had not intended to violate school policy, the student’s case was closed with an Administrative Notice of University Policy in which she was reminded of UC Davis’s academic policies and codes.

Click for yourself

A psychology student was referred to SJA for being in possession of a friend’s clicker during class and using the clicker to answer quiz questions on the other student’s behalf. The student stated that he was helping out a friend because they had an exam the next day and needed to study. This is a violation of academic policy as it is considered unauthorized assistance on coursework.   For this admitted academic misconduct, the student accepted a Censure and community service. A Censure is a written notice to the student that they have violated university policies and if they do so again in the future, they will likely receive more serious disciplinary sanctions such as disciplinary probation, suspension or dismissal.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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