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Friday, February 23, 2024

Editorial: Keep it local

This summer, the Davis Borders Books, Music, Cafe closed after the company went bankrupt.

To some, this was a disappointment, as Davis lost one of its main and most popular bookstores. However, it is in reality a positive change for the city of Davis.

This closure has led to the increasing success of local, independent bookstores such as The Avid Reader and Logos Books, nonetheless not all are able to succeed without the support of local consumers. The Sweet Briar Bookstore is set to close Dec. 24 of this year. Davis, a college town full of educated individuals, should work to support these businesses. Instead of taking their money to Amazon.com or other big sellers bookstores, students should buy their books here in Davis.

By bringing business to these stores, students can help the Davis economy by supporting locals, who ultimately put their money back into the city of Davis. According to studies, 68 percent of money spent at local businesses gets circulated back to the community. Furthermore, if students support these stores, local job opportunities can be maintained.

Independent bookstores also provide a location for the community to come together and bond over literature. With the increase in popularity of digital readers and online retailers, book culture is becoming obsolete. In our college town, we should have places that encourage reading in the community.

As a college student struggling to keep up with tuition hikes and normal living costs, it is understandable to go for the better deal. However, the added cost is worth it. Buying from Amazon may seem like a better deal and easier process, but after paying for shipping and handling fees, the price of a book is comparable to the price of books at the local bookstores. And often times, a novel from the UC Davis Bookstore can cost the same or even more than at a local bookstore. A quick bike ride downtown allows you to get your book when you want it, and without the shipping fees.

So skip the $3 morning coffee and go buy your next book at a local Davis bookstore.


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