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Davis, California

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Roving Reporter

“Community support is important to me. It’s important to be together as a family.”
Eddie Truong, junior mathematics major

“The internet, for research. It’s better to work with online.”
Courtney Quan, junior economics major

“I can’t live without my belief in Jesus Christ.”
Aimee Bryan, third-year chemistry graduate student

“I can’t live without family. I like when they help me and I help them.”
Iliana Santellan, junior human development major

“Friends and family.”
Luis Alverez, senior exercise biology

“I can’t live without my debit card. I use it for everything.”
Monique Sanchez, senior wildlife, fish and conservation biology and environmental science management double major

“I can’t live without family.”
Amilia Joslin, senior nutrition science major

“I can’t live without milk. I drink a lot of milk.”
Jason Wu, senior economics major


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