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Cafe is left dry following liquor license suspension

3rd & U Cafe, located on the edge of campus, has been noticeably emptier since its alcohol license was suspended Nov. 3.

Owners of the cafe declined to comment, but a sign posted outside the location by the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) states that their license is suspended indefinitely.

Paul Fuentes, a district administrator for ABC, said he can’t speak on specific cases, but that in compliance with the State Board of Equalization (BOE) ABC will suspend licenses of establishments when they don’t pay their taxes.

“Unfortunately, we’re the agency that has to put the paper on the wall,” Fuentes said.

Once the business owners pay the taxes, and some paperwork is done, the establishment will get their alcohol license back.

More specifically, according to the BOE’s Publication 54, Tax Collection Procedures, the Business and Professions Code provides that a license may be suspended if a taxpayer is three or more months delinquent in the payment of taxes or penalties due under the Revenue and Taxation Code. Since the BOE can’t shut down the business, the suspension is a collection tool for the board.

Senior psychology major Jordan Goldstein, who frequents the cafe, said his loyalty to 3rd & U hasn’t gone away since the suspension and he still goes to the cafe.

“For me it sucks,” Goldstein said. “Alcohol is a huge part of their business, but at the end of the day the atmosphere is what makes me continue to go. The environment is homey and there’s plenty of room and everyone is friendly.”

He also said he likes the mix of people at the cafe, from professors to graduate to undergraduate students, and said he always bumps into people he knows.

On the other hand, Theo Galanakis, a senior philosophy major who normally goes 3rd & U once or twice a week, said he’s stopped going since the license was revoked.

“I would usually go to grab beers after class during happy hour,” Galanakis said. “I haven’t gone since. Especially now that Ali Baba’s has stuff on tap. I do hope 3rd & U gets that sorted out. The owners were diligent about checking ID and there’s no reason I wouldn’t go back once they get their license back.”

3rd & U first opened in March 2008 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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