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News in Brief: UC Regents meeting cancelled due to safety concerns

The UC Regents meeting scheduled for this week was cancelled due to concerns over potential violence.

Sherry Lansing, chair of the Board of Regents, Vice Chair Bruce Varner and President Mark Yudof made an announcement Monday that the meeting was to be postponed due to known “rogue elements intent on violence and confrontation.”

“By rescheduling, it is our intent to allow the business of the University of California to go forward, but in a manner that will allow the public, including students, to express their views on issues related to the university without putting their personal safety in peril,” stated the press release.

UC student Regent Alfredo Mireles and student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein released a statement via Facebook, which said that they oppose the cancellation of the meeting.

“We would support finding a way for student attendees to exercise their constitutional and moral right to protest while excluding non-student elements that raise the specter of violence and vandalism,” they said.

The meeting’s new date and time is still unknown.

–– Hannah Strumwasser


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