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Davis Dance Marathon rescheduled for next fall

Twelve hours of dancing, food and fun will be coming to UC Davis — but not until next year.

The first ever Davis Dance Marathon, originally scheduled for this weekend, is projected to take place next Fall 2012. All proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

“The Davis Dance Marathon is basically a huge event put on by students in order to raise money for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital. It is a 12-hour event, with dancing, games and DJs,” said Lauren Crist, a junior international relations major, and one of the overall coordinators for this event.

Last January, Crist developed the idea for a dance marathon to raise money for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital. The planning began, and the event was originally scheduled to take place this weekend. However, due to the amount of planning necessary, the fundraiser has been pushed back to next fall.

“We need a full year to plan, especially with a new event. Planning is going well now. We have a strong committee and are currently working on smaller events to raise money for the dance marathon,” said entertainment chair of the Dance Marathon committee, Liz Walz, a senior exercise biology major.

According to Crist, this event is sponsored by the greek system, with an emphasis on connecting greek life with the campus.

“It is a 12-hour event of nonstop movement and activities in a safe environment.  Students can give 12-hours to have fun, spread awareness and raise funds,” said Eddie Yoo, the other overall coordinator, and junior communication and sociology double major.

All funds collected at this event will be donated to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, which is affiliated with the Children’s Miracle Network. Over 150 schools across the nation are involved in dance marathons for the same cause.

“The Children’s Miracle Network is linked to UC Davis. It benefits the UC Davis Children’s Hospital. This is a nationwide organization, but the money benefits the hospital of the area. The cause does not directly affect UC Davis students, but it is still a worthy cause for UC Davis to help,” Walz said.

This specific organization was chosen, because it helps children receive toys, activities, computers and tutors that insurance will not pay for while the children are patients of the hospital.

“We chose this organization, because we really identified with the cause,” Walz said.

Committee members, such as Yoo, have met the children at the hospital. These children will also be attending the event, as the dance marathon is the final celebration of raising funds for the hospital.

The planning committee will be traveling to the University of Southern California, in order to attend a dance marathon there. Committee members hope that this will help them gain an idea of what it looks like and how to move forward.

The Davis Dance Marathon is open to all UC Davis students, along with one guest. It costs $12 to get into the event; however students are encouraged to raise at least $50 in support of the Children’s Miracle Network. Students are also expected to attend the full duration of the event.

“This is such a great idea. It is easy and the UC Davis Children’s hospital is great, because I really believe in the cause and that it can make a difference,” Yoo said.

Students can find more information about the UC Davis Dance Marathon and fundraising opportunities at www.davisdm.org.

DANIELLE HUDDLESTUN can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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