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Letter to the editor: Response to “Jungle Fever”

I’m excited that you have taken an interest in another culture, and even more excited that despite opposition from your parents, you choose to pursue possible relationships with African American men. I am always happy to see multicultural relationships. To me, these types of relationships help to end ignorance and force others around them to have a more open mind.

As an African American female, I was disappointed to once again see someone making a direct correlation between being black and listening to rap music. I do understand that this is a hugely popular genre of music within the African American culture but I feel it is very limiting to deduct that African American culture equates to rap culture. Just as it would be limiting for me to deduct that country music culture equates to white culture. We all know that is not true at all. Why is it so difficult to understand that an African American can enjoy Linkin Park too? I listen to Hard-Fi, David Garrett (classical), Linkin Park, DubStep, Oludum (brazilian), Michael Buble and Tarkan (turkish). Rarely do I listen to rap. And yes, I really am black.

Having lived in multiple countries, I have gained an innate appreciation of other cultures. And I appreciate that you are taking the time to do the same. I would definitely encourage you to go to a BSU meeting and educate yourself on the culture. The worst thing you could possibly do (which you’ve already done, so hey! that’s over) is to try and learn about black people by watching rap videos. Did you know that in Korea, many people believe that all black people carry guns and are violent because that is the only image of them they see on TV? It’s very sad.

So I hope you can understand why this method of learning about a culture is extremely limiting. My advice, make a few African-American friends … and if it isn’t too late, go to a BSU meeting (or e-mail the president about it if you are too scared). I hope that you will not receive too much backlash about this article. I think you’ve made an innocent mistake that tons of people do. You just had the balls to actually put it out there. But I’m glad it’s out there, because now I can help you understand.

Natasha Dupre
Senior agriculture and environmental education major



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