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Letter to the Editor: Response to “Hors d’oeuvres”

I am writing in response to the Nov. 14 column entitled “Hors d’oeuvres”. I understand that it was written at least in part to be humorous, but unfortunately it came across as a misrepresentation of both Veterans Day and Christmas. I have worked with veterans at a VA hospital and I do agree that Veterans Day is often overlooked by the civilian population. It should not be just a day to sleep in, but one to remember, honor and thank the veterans for their service. Much can and should be written about the sacrifices that they have made for our country.

Yet, rather than focusing on the veterans, White tried to concoct a story about Veterans Day competing with Christmas. How sad that Christmas has become so commercialized that many people do not know the details of the Biblical story. A few points to clarify: One, Jesus did not come into the world to start a commercial holiday. He came for people to come to know God. Two, he was not born in a manger; giving birth in an animal feeding trough would have been pretty difficult for Mary. The manger was used as a bed for him. Three, The Da Vinci Code (a fictionalized book) is not an authoritative source of information about Jesus. Try the Bible. Four, Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus. His death (and resurrection) are commemorated at Easter (which is not really about the Easter bunny).

Jesus and Santa should not be viewed as “partners in crime” who promote an obnoxious fantasy holiday at the expense of remembering veterans. For people around the world, Christmas is a holiday of deep spiritual significance. I invite White, as well as anyone else who is interested, to attend a Christmas service at any local church and better understand why this holiday is celebrated.

Hopefully future Veterans Day columns will have a better focus on veterans, rather than offensive and misleading information about a day that many of us hold sacred.

Tara Rogers
Ph.D. student in nutritional biology


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