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Davis, California

Friday, March 1, 2024

General Strike workshops: An abridged schedule

8 a.m.
Amanda Hodson, Ph.D., Postdoctoral
Researcher in the Department of Land,
Air and Water Resources
Sacred Space: (Blue Dome on the Quad)

10 a.m.
Reflecting on the Now: Where is
Occupy in the Future of Protest
Professor Robyn Waxman, Professor of
Design, Sacramento City College &
Founder of Future Action Reclamation
Mob (FARM)
ARC – grassy lawn next to Segundo DC

11 a.m.
Cops Off Campus: Toward A Safer
Joshua Clover, Eleanor Liu, Mohamed
Shehk, & Francis Jarvis, Anthropology
& English Departments and STS
Sacred Space: (Blue Dome on the Quad)

12 p.m.
Budget Blues: UC Financial Structure
and Privatization
Suad Joseph, Caroline Mckusick &
Kevin Smith, Anthropology Department
Sacred Space: (Blue Dome on the Quad)

2 p.m.
Active AND Privileged: Examining
Unintentional and Unconscious
Dominance Within the Protest
Dr. Laurie Lippin, Lecturer in the
Department of Human and Community
Sacred Space: (Blue Dome on the Quad)

4 p.m.
Happiness, Wealth and Community
Emily Baranco, Graduate
Student in Philosophy Department
East Quad Workshop Space

5 p.m.
Students Co-Government and the
Concept of University
Dr. Paulina L. González-Gómez,
Department of Neurobiology,
Physiology and Behavior
Sacred Space: (Blue Dome on the Quad)

6 p.m.
What happened to the economy to
create the lack of funding at UC? And
what do we need to do?
Brian Hanley, Ph.D. Butterfly Science
East Quad Workshop Space

7:30 p.m.
American Dissent Series 3: Prisoner’s
Rights movements in American History
Holly Cooper, Lecturer, Immigration
Law Clinic: King Hall Immigration
Detention Project
East Quad Workshop Space

8:30 -10 p.m.
Hate Crime Action Planning Meeting
Townhall III
Sacred Space: (Blue Dome on the Quad)

A complete schedule of workshops will be distributed on campus.


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