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Davis, California

Friday, March 1, 2024

Letter to the editor: An opportunity for change

UC Davis students have a golden opportunity for negotiation and dialogue they shouldn’t let go to waste. With Chancellor Katehi over a barrel, they might agitate and press for her resignation, but what would that accomplish? It wouldn’t fix the structural problems that have produced outrageous tuition. And what guarantee is there that her replacement wouldn’t be worse?

Katehi appears sincerely concerned about last week’s pepper spray incident. This places students in an unusual and even enviable position of being able to insist on a meeting with her to present grievances and petitions. For that, of course, students would have to come up with a list of specific concerns and requests – something more difficult than mere protesting, but also much more productive.

Ultimately we must get beyond exclusive reliance on conflict as a means of solving disagreements and redressing injustices.

John Uebersax
Californians for Higher Education Reform


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