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UC President announces task force members

Today, UC President Mark Yudof announced the members who will be working on the task force that will investigate the pepper spray incident of Nov. 18.

Former California Supreme Court Justice and UC Davis School of Law Professor emeritus Cruz Reynoso will be leading the investigation, as was previously announced.

In a press release,  Yudof identified the followin 12 people as members of the task force:

Patrick Blacklock, Yolo County administrator and immediate past-chair, Cal Aggie Alumni Association.

Peter Blando, business services manager, Office of the Vice Provost-Information and Educational Technology, UC Davis, and past chair, UC Davis Staff Assembly (nominated by the UC Davis Staff Assembly).

Alan Brownstein, professor, School of Law, UC Davis (nominated by the Academic Senate).

Tatiana Bush, undergraduate student and former Associated Students senator (nominated by the Associated Students of UC Davis).

Daniel M. Dooley, senior vice president, external relations, UC Office of the President and designated systemwide administrator for whistleblower complaints alumnus, UC Davis.

Penny Herbert, manager, Department of Clinical Operations, UC Davis, and staff advisor to the UC Board of Regents.

Kathryn Kolesar, chair, UC Davis Graduate Student Association (nominated by the Graduate Student Association).

William McKenna, law student, UC Davis (nominated by the Law Students Association).

Carolyn Penny, director in International Law Programs and principal and mediator, Common Ground Center for Cooperative Solutions, UC Davis Extension (nominated by the UC Davis Academic Federation).

Eric Rauchway, professor, Department of History, UC Davis (nominated by the Academic Senate).

Judy Sakaki, vice president, student affairs, UC Office of the President and former vice chancellor for student affairs, UC Davis.

Rebecca Sterling, undergraduate student and former Associated Students senator (nominated by the Associated Students of UC Davis).

This investigation is one of five taking place regarding the incident in which UC Davis police officers used pepper spray to disperse a crowd.

The other investigations include an investigation by UC Davis, a Yolo County District Attorney’s Office and Yolo County Sheriff’s Department review, a UC Office of the President systemwide review of all campus police policies and a UC Davis Academic Senate review.



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