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Thursday, April 18, 2024

News-in-brief: Residents move back in to the Domes

Residents have begun to move back into the Domes after a ground lease was signed with the University and the Solar Housing Community Association (SCHA). The Domes, a cooperative housing community, were closed last August due to safety and health concerns. The SCHA will be acting as a third party in the renovation and maintenance of the Domes.

Seven of the 14 Domes have been approved to live in by university safety inspectors.

The re-opening of the Domes comes in light of ongoing negotiations between administration and Domes residents regarding the closure of the community.

“The re-opening of the Domes demonstrates how community support and participation, open dialogue, and collaboration can make large projects happen, even in a time of austerity,” said Greta Lelea, a former Domes resident, in a press release.

— Hannah Strumwasser



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