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Davis, California

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Teach-in held at on-campus bank

UC Davis campus police officer Ralph Nuno, along with another unidentified officer, locked the doors of U.S. Bank during a teach-in Wednesday afternoon. English professor Joshua Clover gave a talk on the history of private banks on college campuses. Students sat on the floor of the U.S. Bank office in the Memorial Union for about 25 minutes before the officers kicked non-sitting students and reporters out of the room and locked the doors. Clover finished his lecture around 1 p.m. and the remaining group left the bank. U.S. Bank reopened later in the day.


––Becky Peterson


  1. kredit ohne schufa…

    Wir koennten bei der Analyse des Traumes deutlich die beiden Gedankengaenge unterscheiden, von denen der troestliche oberflaechlich, der vorwurfsvolle tiefer gelagert scheint, die einander schnurstracks zuwiderlaufen, und deren gleiche aber gegenteilig…


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