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Campus Judicial Affairs

Joy ride, Davis style

A sophomore was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) when a police officer had caught her allegedly trying to steal a bicycle on campus property. The student had been seen kicking the lock of a bike in what looked like an attempt to steal it, leading to a witness calling campus police. When the UC Davis police arrived they found the student jumping on the bike itself. The police discovered that the student was intoxicated and referred her to SJA. Upon meeting with a Judicial Officer the student denied that she was trying to steal the bike but stated that she was intoxicated and messing around. The Judicial Officer gave the student a non-disciplinary Administrative Notice. An Administrative Notice is a written reminder of UC Davis’s Code of Academic Conduct.

White-out mistakes

Following the submission of an internship evaluation form with a name that had been whited out and written over, a student was referred to SJA for potentially providing false information. His supervisor believed that the evaluation had potentially been taken from another student and that the name had simply been whited out and replaced with his own name. The student stated to a Judicial Officer that he had simply lost his form and had photocopied another friend’s form that had already been written on. He stated that the evaluation itself was all his own work, which was later proved in a comparison of the evaluations themselves. The student was found innocent.

Don’t forget your bag

UC Davis Police referred a student to the Judicial Office when a bag of marijuana had been discovered in the student’s bag. The student had left their bag at a table; during a search through the bag for the owner’s identity, a large package of marijuana was found. When meeting with a Judicial Officer the student stated that they had a prescription for medical marijuana and had just come from a dispensary. Although the prescription was confirmed, campus policy states that the possession or use of marijuana is not allowed on campus grounds. The student was given deferred separation until graduation. Under deferred separation, a student has given up their right to a formal hearing if they are referred to Student Judicial Affairs again and would likely receive a suspension or dismissal from the university.


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