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Roving Reporter: Do you think students should continue to occupy the Quad?

1. “No, I think the movement has lost its focus and no longer achieves its original goal, which was to stop tuition increases.”
Michaela Lee, sophomore international relations and economics double major

2. “No, I feel that it distracts from the real purpose of the protest. We need to come up with a way to protest tuition increases that is more effective.”
Matthew Brody, senior biochemistry major

3. “No, they are not getting anywhere. A lot of people are protesting, but they are not really involved. It’s just a bandwagon thing.”
Colson Hoxie, junior physics major

4.“I don’t understand what they are trying to achieve. But I love seeing tents out here, so yes, bring more tents.”
Chadwick Bigglesworth, junior physics major

5. “Wherever people occupy, we should come together as long as we have a community and safe place.”
Maxx Bartko, junior political science major

6. “The Quad is the most obvious place to go. The tact of occupation still has its usefulness. We are one of the last ones standing, so it’s not a good idea for us to to leave.”
Artem Raskin, junior political science major

7. “No, I don’t see how occupying the Quad is going to do anything for the cause. The rally was a success, but the movement has died out.”
Kiho Song, senior biochemistry and molecular biology double major

8. “I don’t think it is hurting anyone, but I also don’t think it is going to accomplish anything, either. It doesn’t seem like the most effective way to protest.”
Dana Furuyama, senior English major

Photos by MELODY TAN


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