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Davis, California

Monday, April 15, 2024

Student protesters occupy old Cross Cultural Center building

A group of protesters held a rally on the Quad yesterday, and then marched around  campus, ending at the building that used to house the Cross Cultural Center.

The students said that they plan to sleep in the building and continue occupying it.

While many protesters did not want to speak for the group as a whole, the Occupy UC Davis movement released a communique Wednesday, which gave some explanation for the occupation.

“High tuition increases have been made necessary not by shrinking savings, but by a perpetually expanding bond market, organized by the UC Regents, enforced through increasing tuition and growing student loan debt. Growth has become a caricature of itself, as the future is sold on baseless expanding credit from capitalist to capitalist,” stated the release. “Our future is broken. We are the crisis. Our occupations are the expressions of that crisis.”

Hannah Strumwasser


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