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Video and performance artist Kalup Linzy speaks in artist lecture series

Performance and video art is quickly becoming a prominent medium in the art world. By manipulating theater, comedy, singing and various other kinds of visual references, artists can create a unique dialogue in digital form that speaks in a way that no other classical medium like painting or printmaking can do.

Kalup Linzy is one of these video and performance artists that have emerged in the contemporary world to transform the way art is perceived. And today, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Linzy will give a lecture about his work at the technocultural studies (TCS) building. This is a continuation of the artist studio lecture series presented by the the UCD art department. The event is free and students are encouraged to attend.

Darrin Martin, a video and animations professor at UC Davis, is a video artist himself. Martin believes that Linzy’s work is a great example of the kinds of artists who work with their materials in a multi-functional approach.

“A lot of artists work with a variety of media, but Linzy’s medium is popular culture and through generating original material he ends up working through several genres,” Martin said. “Somehow, Linzy makes honesty meet artifice and manages to make art and entertainment not-so-distant relatives, while exposing a little something about both.”

Linzy has been well-associated with famous actor James Franco for collaborations like their song “Turn It Up” and appearances in General Hospital. Though connected to the Hollywood star, Linzy has made a name for himself in the art industry by creating work that blurs boundaries and limitations of the medium and genre of art style itself. His other highly acclaimed works include “Melody Set Me Free” and “Guiding Light.” Although his work might seem obscure and experimental to some new viewers, Linzy’s body of work has strong cultural, gender and political messages revealed in the subtext of his visual and narrative dialogue.

Linzy received both a Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in Tampa Bay. He currently lives and work in Brooklyn, New York.

In a brief interview, Linzy answered MUSE’s questions:

MUSE: How did you discover your passion for art (particularly video and performance art)?
Linzy: [I discovered it] in grad school working on my thesis, “Conversations wit de Churen II: All My Churen.”

What is your definition of performance art?
Performing, understanding [and] being more aware of the space in between.

What inspires you and your work?  
Soap operas, music, the search of understanding and healing.

How do you feel video and performance art are progressing as a medium in the art world?  
It is progressing rapidly. It will be interesting to see where things are 10 years from now.

What should UC Davis students know about you before attending your lecture?  
I love giving lectures and discussing the creative process.

UYEN CAO can be reached at arts@theaggie.org.


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