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Financial Aid Awareness Week kicks off today

Have questions about financial aid? Feeling stressed or worried about upcoming FAFSA and your budget for next year? This week, the Financial Aid Office is hosting Financial Aid Awareness Week at the new Student Community Center.

Financial Aid Awareness Week is an all-inclusive week of events geared towards helping students better understand their financial options.

“There are countless students who needlessly self-select themselves out of several thousands of dollars of financial aid eligibility from fear or dread of the perceived complexity of the FAFSA process,” said Robert Davis, assistant director of the Financial Aid Office.

The week will offer various events including different seminars and workshops about the FAFSA, money management, student employment, student loans and funding for travel abroad. There will also be a forum where students can raise concerns and questions with Congressman John Garamendi and Congressman Mike Thompson’s office about changes to financial aid.

“We want our students and families to know that we are here to help answer their questions about the process of applying and getting financial aid,” Rachel de los Reyes, Coordinator of Financial Aid Awareness Week, said. “The process at times can be confusing and challenging, especially for our new students.”

Though many of the events are similar to last year, on Monday a new event entitled “Congress on Campus” will be held from 1-3 p.m., where students can ask congressmen questions about both state and federal financial aid.

“If you have any questions about the new changes to the Pell Grant, repayment of your loans, changes to the Federal Direct loan program or the Dream Act, come by the Student Community Center and speak to the many representatives that will be present,” Reyes said.

The workshop hopes to encourage students to better understand how to get control over their money and how to work with financial aid.

“This year we have expanded Financial Aid Awareness Week to provide even more informative events for our students and the community,” said Katy Maloney, director of the Financial Aid Office. “We are especially excited to have the support of Congressman Garamendi and the Office of Congressman Thompson.”

More information about the Financial Aid Awareness Week and any other questions regarding Financial Aid can be found at financialaid.ucdavis.edu

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