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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Editorial: Second-year dorms

UC Davis Student Housing will be guaranteeing a bed for all second-year students beginning Fall 2012.

This can benefit students and create a more lively campus life. Finding housing as a second-year can be stressful for students, and having the opportunity to fall back on the dorms could provide students with peace of mind. Furthermore, transitioning from dorm to apartment life can be complicated, from picking out which apartment to live in to learning how to cook your own food.

Second-year on-campus housing is guaranteed at many private schools and other UCs. With the dining commons and classes close by, living on campus has the potential to make life easier for students.

Of course, this is primarily a business decision. Living on campus is expensive, with a bed in a shared room costing upwards of $12,700 for 3 quarters. While having a place to live on campus may be beneficial, students should be aware that student housing can be much more expensive than living in an apartment.

The City of Davis has many apartments that are student-friendly, and many are cost-friendly as well. Students should consider the benefits and costs of living on campus for a second year, and be aware that living on campus is significantly more expensive.

However, providing second-year housing could make UC Davis a more campus-oriented school. This shift could bring the campus closer together, and provide students with a less stressful living option for their second year.

Students should strongly consider all of their options when choosing where to live after their first year.


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