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Davis, California

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Editorial: How original

In what is unquestionably the most profound art movement to grace our generation, UC Davis memes have been flooding the Facebook walls (and hearts) of  every college student since their fateful incarnation earlier last week.

A true miracle of the internet, these memes bring a personal twist on Facebook to the jokes we’ve already learned to find annoying and boring on 4Chan.org and Reddit.com.

As “meme” implies, these Microsoft Paint-produced masterpieces are original and clever. We, The Editorial Board, see no better way for our campus to recover from the PR disaster that was  Nov. 18 than to oversimplify all of the silly things that make attending this university worth over $16,000 a year.

No one can forget a post from this weekend in which Sheltered College Freshman asks, “What are we going to pack for Picnic Day?” Everyone knows we don’t “pack” anything for Picnic Day! Unless by pack she means “get drunk.” Or Saturday night’s “Senior at Davis/Takes a tractor-driving class,” which, by the way, is a great idea.

The guy from Lord of The Rings may be the most political of all, reminding every Davis student that “One does not simply/Use Aggie Cash at the CoHo.” Why is this? Why don’t Aggie Cash purchases come with warning labels? These are serious questions.

Let us go meta for a moment. We, The California Aggie, look forward to the day when some stoned sophomore improves our sullen lives with a quip about us as a publication. After all, there is plenty to make fun of. Do you see this editorial? Does it seem like we take ourselves too seriously?

While the untrained eye may see these silly little pictures as innocuous, true academics (of which The California Aggie Editorial Board is composed) will see that these memes are bringing the political and social change our generation has so desperately been seeking. Irony and a condescending tone are the ways of the future! Change is near!

Viva la revolución.


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