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Roving Reporter

“Yes, it’s all over Spanish TV and newspapers. American Republicans are extremely conservative, and most young people in Spain have Democratic values, myself included.”
Pedro Montiel, linguistics major, international student from Spain


“I pity anyone who thinks that electoral politics solves any problems.”
Geoffrey Wildanger, art history graduate student, U.S. Bank occupier


Peggy Enderle, alumnus
Justin Irwin, alumnus
Michael Huang, junior mechanical engineering major


“Yes. When you have a system that runs openly Christian Fascists as candidates, that’s not a legitimate system. Everything Santorum stands for is a bad sign for gays, and for women, forced motherhood is enslavement.”
Sunsara Taylor, supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party tabling in the Quad


“Yes, and they’re all insane. No one’s really happy about Romney and no one really cares about Santorum, who looks slimy. It really boils down to who is least offensive.”
Kyle Braver, junior history and economics double major


“We’re having a contest to see who’s the craziest. It would be awesome if Santorum won the nomination because nobody would vote for him.”
Jacob Singer, fifth-year political science and medieval and early modern studies double major


“Republicans are ignorant — there are not strong-enough candidates to run a country, and the policies are biased.”
Raymond Chiang, sophomore environmental science and policy major


“All that I’ve seen is from the Colbert Report, so I have more of the comedic view. Mitt Romney might give Obama a run for his money. The Republicans could surprise us.”
Cristina Resendiz, senior political science and Spanish double major.


“I hear people saying Mitt Romney is probably going to get nominated. I know Ron Paul has a strong supporter base, but it’s not big enough to get the candidacy.”
Jessica Bruns, senior physics major


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