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ASUCD Bike Barn brings bike shopping directly to students

The ASUCD Bike Barn is in the final stages of creating a bike and services online order program while also preparing for the opening of a new accessories-only store in the Memorial Union (MU).

The new program, dubbed the Aggie Bike Buy, will allow students to order a customized bike and service package through a Bike Barn website and pick up the bike at various locations around campus.

“It’s a one stop shop where you go online, pick your bike, add on your accessories and you can also choose a service plan,” said junior Basile Senesi and ASUCD Bike Barn service manager. “It’s going to give you a better bike, it’s going to last longer and it’s not going to cost as much.”

Giant Bicycles will be the sole provider of the bikes sold using the website.

Senesi cited an overflow of business during the first few weeks of fall classes as a major factor for the new service.

“There’s a need not only from a student’s point of view, but we are also working ridiculously overcapacity during that move-in weekend,” Senesi said. “We’re really having hundreds of people come in through the shop. Our store can only accommodate so many people at one time.”

Students will have the option of investing in service plans that span three different levels of accommodation: basic, intermediate and elite. The elite package is estimated to total around $230 while the basic plan will come in around $115. An unlimited flat replacement package is also available for about $70. All services will last four years with two and three year plans in the development stages.

After ordering, students will get a confirmation e-mail informing them when and where to pick up their personally customized bike.

Employees are also gearing up for the upcoming opening of the purely accessories store, the “Bike Hub.” The new store will cater to students’ needs for such items as bike locks, lights, fenders, sunglasses and numerous other cycle related items.

The Bike Hub was proposed back in the fall of 2009. Implementation began when former ASUCD Senator Andre Lee gave a helping hand to the Bike Barn by bringing the idea before the Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee (URSAC). URSAC was able to provide a space for the shop across from the front UC Davis Bookstore entrance in the MU.

“It’s something that really helps bridge the gap with what the bike garage offers and what we offer here at the Bike Barn,” said Shell Sumerel senior and Bike Barn manager, “We wanted to reach out to the MU crowd.”

The Bike Hub will offer everything from a bike basket to cycle attire. It plans on opening its doors the beginning of Spring quarter.

Bike Barn employees are excited about both the new store and the new Aggie Bike Buy program.

“It creates a new opportunity for students to get a better bike and to have a better biking experience while their living here in Davis,” said Bike Barn General Manager Robert St. Cyr about the Aggie Bike Buy program, “We want students to like their bikes so much that when they graduate they take it with them.”

A contest for a new Giant Bike is being offered by the Bike Barn to create a logo for the Aggie Bike Buy website. Submissions for a design will be taken until March 31.

For more information go to bikebarn.ucdavis.edu.

MAX GARRITY RUSSER can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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