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Senate Briefs

ASUCD Senate meetings are scheduled to begin Thursdays at 6:10 p.m. Times listed are according to the clock at the Feb. 23, 2012 meeting location, the Memorial Union’s Mee Room. The ASUCD president is not required to attend senate meetings.

Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.
Adam Thongsavat, ASUCD president, absent
Bree Rombi, ASUCD vice president, present
Yena Bae, ASUCD senator, present
Jared Crisologo-Smith, ASUCD senator, present
Miguel Espinoza, ASUCD senator, present, left early
Justin Goss, ASUCD senator, present
Annamaria Kimball, ASUCD senator, present
Amy Martin, ASUCD senator, present
Mayra Martín, ASUCD senator, present
Ryan Meyerhoff, ASUCD senator, present
Erica Padgett, ASUCD senator, present
Brendan Repicky, ASUCD senator, present
Patrick Sheehan, ASUCD senator, present
Yara Zokaie, ASUCD senator, present

Appointments and confirmations
Miles Thomas and Michael Small were confirmed to the Outreach Assembly.

Unit Director Reports
The manager of the Bike Barn, Robert St. Cyr, explained the Bike Barn’s new project, a website where students can buy and customize their bikes. This is a pilot program that will be offered to other universities. He said that the new Bike Hub store in the Memorial Union (MU) will be opening at the beginning of Spring quarter. Bike Barn is also working with UC Davis Police Department, and they are going to have 10 bike cops on campus soon.

Sabrina Dias of City/County Affairs said Housing Day made a little over $17,000 this year. She said that the unit is doing research about the Minor Alcohol Preclusion Ordinance. They are also working on creating Party Packs for students, which would provide students with safe partying tips and ideas for how to talk to neighbors about their parties.

Consideration of Old Legislation
Senate Bill 67, authored by Crisologo-Smith, co-authored by Alday, Anguiana, Atienza, Bonaparte, Borgonia, Bush, Espinoza, De La Torre, Diaz-Ordaz, Goss, Ilano, Joanino, King, Lumban, Marquez, Martin, Martín, Montelongo, Oka, Rombi, Sheehan, Soriano, Torres, Truong, Wren and Zokaie, to transfer funds to the “CCC/LGBTRC Community-Specidic Ceremonies” line item from the “Club Finance Council (CFC)” line item and the “REACH Retreat” line item in the 2011-12 Grants Budget. The table discussed the issues from taking money from CFC, versus Senate Reserves. The table discussed the reasoning behind barring Student Affairs funded groups, such as ethnic grads, from receiving money from CFC. The table brought up the idea of Safe Boats, and why they receive money from CFC. Lu and Kimball explained why they think Safe Boat senators repeated that they did not have to go through the same fight in Spring quarter. Members of the public came to speak on behalf of Ethnic Grads. Espinoza and Crisologo-Smith  expressed their frustration toward the members of the table who did not want to pass the bill. Meyerhoff moved to get rid of the CFC line item.  After a somewhat contentious discussion, the bill did not pass with a 7-5 vote. Bae, Meyerhoff, Padgett, Repicky and Zokaie voted no.

Consideration of Urgent Legislation
Senate Resolution XX to support the March 1 Day of Action for Education on the UC Davis campus. The resolution passed in a 8-1-3 vote. Meyerhoff voted no.

Senate Resolution XX, authored by Thomas, co-authored by Chan, Crisologo-Smith, Goss, Martin, Sheehan and Lu, to condemn the UC Davis administration’s recent decision to cut funding to Conference & Event Services starting March 18, 2012. The bill passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 12:11 a.m.

Open positions within ASUCD can be found at vacancy.ucdavis.edu. HANNAH STRUMWASSER compiles the senate briefs. She can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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