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Sports agent Boras discusses profession, how he got there

It be difficult to find an individual who has changed the face of Major League Baseball (MLB) more than Sacramento-native sports agent Scott Boras.

Boras, the first agent to negotiate $50 million, $100 million, $150million, $200 million and $250 million dollar baseball contracts, discussed how he got started and how to stay motivated in a profession to a crowd of over 300 people Monday afternoon. The event, put on by the UC Davis School of Law and the Entertainment and Sports Law Society, brought Boras back to the central valley, where he was born and raised.

Boras represents some of baseball’s highest paid and most prolific players, including the San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito and New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez. When Boras mentioned the Zito deal, a highly unpopular contract among Giants fans due to Zito’s poor play and record contract, he was met with some boos from the crowd. Boras defended the Zito deal, saying it’s all about winning championships for teams, and Zito helped the Giants win the World Series in 2010.

A majority of his talk was devoted to how Boras became successful at what he does — finding one thing you’re good at, and sticking with it. For Boras, his calling wasn’t professional baseball, despite getting drafted and playing for four years.

After leaving baseball, Boras used the money he earned by playing to enroll in McGeorge School of Law at the University of Pacific.

“[Teams] paying for me to go to law school might have been their biggest mistake,” Boras joked.

After getting his degree in law, Boras did find his true calling in becoming a baseball sports agent. He also explained how his main focus in his profession is to represent the players and make sure they are getting paid what their true value.

— Jason Alpert


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